5 Things About Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable fashion is on the rise. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the dire environmental impacts that fast fashion has –  with the industry responsible for an alarming four to ten percent of global greenhouse gas emissions every year.  Their growing concerns about animal welfare and human health are steadily driving the demand for ethical beauty & lifestyle products.


Though it is a term that several of us are familiar with, do we truly know what sustainable fashion is? Essentially, it refers to clothes and accessories that are produced and consumed in a socially, ecologically responsible way. In this article, we will expand more on how we can incorporate sustainable fashion into our lifestyles, and how to keep sustainable fashion alive.


1)Invest in Sustainable Fashion Brands


You can buy better by supporting fashion designers such as Collina Strada and Stella McCartney who both use upcycled textiles and faux leather in their designs. You can also find several online shops or e-commerce platforms such as Immaculate Vegan (a lifestyle companion and curated shop for living beautifully and ethically). Rather than choosing fast fashion or high street fashion, take the extra step and search for sustainable items.


2)Try to Shop Secondhand or Vintage


The accessibility of secondhand and vintage clothing has risen remarkably over the past few years, with sites such as Depop, Vinted and Vestiaire Collective quickly rising in popularity. In fact, in just 2020 Depop made $70M in revenue with approximately 6.5 million active users. When looking to refresh your wardrobe or if you want to find some unique pieces, try your best to turn to these secondhand shops to shop sustainably!


3)Try Renting


Rather than buying a whole new dress for a ball that you will never wear again, or a dress for a friend’s wedding, try renting! With the onset and growth of technology (especially in the fashion industry), it’s now easier than ever to rent the perfect outfit. Website such as Hurr Collective and Rotaro allow you to choose from a wide variety of outfits and lets you rent directly from your favourite designers without leaving any traces or fashion footprints.


4)Take Care of Your Clothes


Taking good care of your clothes goes a long way in supporting sustainable fashion. When you extend the life of your clothes, it effectively lowers the environmental footprint of your garments. One study shows that a shocking 50m garments are bought and worn only once every summer in the UK alone – this is a habit we should try to change. The longer and better care we take of our garments, the less they end up clogging landfill sites. Instead of just throwing out clothes, take them to clothing alterations and repair shops to give them a second life.


5)Ask Who Produced Your Clothes


It is so important to make sure that we know who produces our clothes. Only then can we ensure that the people who make our clothes are paid a fair wage and work in comfortable, safe working conditions. Before you purchase from a brand, read up on their production methods, or buy from brands that openly share information about their factories as well as production practices.


Together, by practicing these five things we can help sustainable fashion continue thriving.


By Leia Liew