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BTP’s philsophy is that you should never stop learning. Being a student is the best way to continually learn the best ways to get organisations to cooperate together. Change only happens when people work and learn together; it’s not multiplied but exponential in the impact we can have on our collaboration.

BTP was created with a philanthropic mindset, to invest in high-potential entrepreneurs and companies that are improving their local communities and the world through the creation of, and development of, successful businesses. There is a revolution currently taking place in the social dialogue world-wide. It is not enough anymore to focus on profits above purpose, as we are all together in a world with diminishing resources and increasing social challenges.

With a long-term investment horizon and embedded with Family Office values, BTP takes a multi-generational approach with its ventures. Founded by multi-cultural, educated women, BTP endeavours towards supporting entrepreneurs around the world progress their professional development, so they can carry on expanding their reach, developing great products/services, and positively impact the earth and societal norms along the way.

Our vision is to invest in 100 companies, affecting over a million people, leading to a portfolio that will collectively impact over 1 billion lives.

We prioritize shared values and chemistry as well as purely financial metrics, as we believe this leads to mutually beneficial gains, focused around profitable returns on a global level.

Our mission is that business becomes a force for good, in order to foster initiatives like scholarships for women, as well as committing the donation of 5% of net annual profits across several philanthropic initiatives. Our criteria for investment into a company must have the potential to realize long-term sustainable profit and mutual benefits, whilst adhering to our guiding principles:

      • Innovating Venture: Generating jobs, encouraging business, and prospects
      • Human Evolution: Improving education, progress, and security
      • Social Creativity: Giving people hope and a sense of purpose
      • Natural Wealth: Companies that leave a positive footprint on the earth
      • Cultivating Well-being: Promoting health, positivity, and wellness

We embrace the United Nations principles for responsible investing, and actively align ourselves with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by supporting: